Hari Raya Gathering

PSG@SMB's first Hari Raya Gathering was held on Saturday 15 Aug 2015. A total of about 20 people attended the gathering including Principal of Sembawang Secondary School, Mrs Tan Lay Hong, teachers, parents and their children. While there were interesting activities like demo on "ketupat Weaving", "Kain Samping" and sharing of information on the "Eidul Fitri" (Hari Raya Puasa) celebration, the event also provided opportunity for parents to interact with the School Principal and teachers. Of course, the event is not complete without the delicious Malay traditional food like the ketupat and rendang. The fun filled activities ended at 12 noon with buffet lunch of Malay food and cookies. We hope to be able to attract more parents to join us in other PSG events.




  Preparation by PSG Exco  

Mdm Sunita preparing the slides




  PSG@SMB Chairman, Mr Ismail Sukardi, welcoming participants

Mdm Zaidah sharing information on Eid celebration

  Mdm Sulastri sharing the video on Hari Raya celebration produced by our own Sembawang Sec Sch students..   Our Emcee and game master, Mdm Yanti, waiting to commence the activities of the day.  
  Our PSG Chairman demo the "Ketupat weaving"   Participants intensely trying to weave.  
  Our non-malay expert in ketupat weaving, Mdm Loong, guiding the other participants.   Private coaching for Principal  

Showing how to fold the "Kain Samping"

  Mdm Yanti explaining the Malay traditional dressing      
  Boys in "Kain Samping"   Mr Mark Low receiving his Appreciation Cert for his past contribution to the school in PSG.  
  Mdm Leong receiving her Appreciation Cert for her past contribution to the school in PSG.   Mdm Zaleha receiving her Appreciation Cert for her past contribution to the school in PSG.  

Photo taking at photo booth

      Mdm Zaidah, Mdm Sulastri, Mdm Sunita & Mdm Ida  
  Lunch time...   Group photo with Principal, Mrs Tan Lay Hong.  
  Group photo at the end of the session   The Gift Pack