PSG Gathering : A Get-to-Know Session

PSG Gathering was held on Saturday morning, 5 March 2016 at Sembawang Secondary School SDC Room. A total of 25 participants comprising PSG members and school staff attended the event. The session started with the PSG Chairman welcoming the Sec 1 parents and briefly explained the objective of the PSG and the activities it engages. The school's Principal, Mrs Tan Lay Hong, addressed the participants highlighting the benefits of parents coming together to support each other and learn useful parenting skills from the many parenting talks organised by the school via Family Matters@School (FMS) programme. Soon after, participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and shared one or two challenges in their parenting journey. Mr Ismail Sukardi shared information on the famous Four Styles of Parenting by Diana Baumrind to create awareness among parents of their approach in raising children. The type of parenting styles are very much influenced by 4 important dimensions of parenting (disciplinary strategies, warmth & nurturance, communication styles, expectation of maturity and control). It was an engaging moment and certainly there were several lessons learnt from each other's experience through the sharing. Of course, not forgetting to mention so much delicious food on the table for the group to enjoy. We look forward to the next opportune time for another round of PSG gathering.

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  PSG Chairman commencing the session.   Opening Address by Principal, Mrs Tan Lay Hong  



  Mdm Sumarni sharing her parenting experiences.  

Mdm Gina Ong introducing herself.

  Listening attentively to the sharing of the Parenting Styles.   Goodie bags for the partipants  
  Group photo at the end of the session.   The organising team with Principal and Vice Principal.